There are numerous items in the guitar gear collection of the Instrument Picker website that can be as practical and useful as a looper pedal. It is especially true if you intend to practice on your own. While playing with a live band is an exciting experience that cannot be substituted for any other thing, a looper pedal can reignite such feelings. It will propel you to work on your timing and help improve your sense of rhythm. These are the two things that most people fail to consider when mastering the instrument, especially on their own.

When it comes to their basic function, Looper pedals are usually uncomplicated and direct. But that is really the unique feature of this instrument. In short, that is where the magic happens. While most people will be contented with playing alongside a basic rhythm track produced with their loopers, I am sure that you will like to explore and express yourself.

Zoom G1on Looper Pedal

As usual, we will first beam our searchlight on the most affordable pedals that still produces a decent value, and which is sensible to invest your hard-earned money on. The Zoom G1on does not really belong to the same category of other pedals outlined on this list, but also a guitar processor. It is equipped with all kind of features, most of which are not available on the other loopers on the list, even though you foresee that the features will go up as the price rises as well.

Zoom G1on is enclosed with plastic, but not the type used for the design of cheap products. In this case, it is made of sturdy plastic that will last for years. The design itself is slightly different from what is applicable to most of the classic guitar pedals, but from a practical viewpoint, everything works perfectly well. The left pedal begins the recording process when you click on the button and then plays it back to you when you click it for the second time. The right pedal stops the loop or clears it off completely if you hold it for a short period. We must admit; having two pedals rather than one as shown on most loopers is actually somewhat useful and made the whole thing simpler and uncomplicated.

Feature-wise, the pedal is equipped with virtually everything you’d ever need. It features a pre-designed tuner, sixty-eight rhythm patterns used for playing, metronome, and most importantly – lots of built-in effects! You get things like reverb, delay, modulation, compression, distortion, and also some amazingly cool sounding amp modeling. Everything works and sounds pretty decent, although it has a limiting loop function. The recording time is just for 30 sounds, while with other loopers on this list, you get enough space to play with. The paddle is powered either by the 9V adapter, four AA-size batteries (which are included) or via a mini-USB slot (helps you to update the pedal via firmware updates). Consider these features before making a decision.