At present, the citizens of Singapore have got a golden opportunity to buy great residential condominiums at Piermont grand. The place is located near Punggol district and it is considered a blend of the latest technologies and natural beauty. You will be able to get excellent facilities at these condominiums at an unparallel price quotation.

Why should you reside in Piermont Township?

Playground and Kayaking

The waterway point is famous for miniature ponds where you can visit for family picnics and have fun throughout the day. Your children will also get an opportunity to play on a broad playground with their friends. The waterway will also provide you an opportunity of kayaking. The water of the stream is very clear and you can make your weekend memorable. To add charm, you can visit the place any day you want to since it is too close to the residential condominiums. Furthermore, the place is close to harbor thus you can also have a mesmerizing look of the ocean.

Show-flat appointments

Before you purchase a condominium at Piermont, builders will offer you an opportunity to have a look at their floor plans in advance. The Township is offering different types of condominiums ranging from single to joint families. To book for the appointment, you don’t even have to pay any commission in advance and can contact the developer right away. During the process, you will get two modes of payments viz. CPF as well as cash. Professionals will also make you aware of loan assessment, financing and payment scheme to buy a condominium.

Digital Park

This is another attraction of the Township and here you can get various entertainment and restaurant facilities. Builders are also planning to construct several railway stations and bus terminals around the digital park which will provide great aid in visiting the place. The park will also advocate various cyber security companies to establish in the Piermont which will be a great plus point for its citizens who want to be a part of the IT industry.

Business Park

One of the renowned developers of Singapore is planning to construct a giant business park at the Piermont Township. This will create a lot of jobs in the area and residents will not even have to go far away from their home on a daily basis. Professionals are planning to construct the park till 2023 which would create near about 28,000 jobs. The Business Park is set to attract the best corporate companies in Singapore to set up their organization within the Township.

Malls and shopping centers

In Piermont, you will also get great shopping facility as builders have planned to construct a 7 story mall in the area which will have near around 106 shops. Thus, you and your family members can shop, watch a movie, and have a dinner at a lavish restaurant during the weekend. The mall will also have an open rooftop where you can see the mesmerizing view of the Township. Alongside the mall, builders are also planning to construct an LRT station.