It is important that a general cleaning practice is adopted for all beverage and beer fridges, for no other reason but hygiene. Mildew, Bacteria and other microscopic organism tend to build up in the compartment if it is not properly taken care of or perhaps tidied up. Similar to the article on the Ice Cubicle website, cleaning your fridge more often will provide WTH idea that smells great since the ice produces tend to soak up the scents in the fridge.

Other than the obvious issues of hygiene, you have to ensure that your beverage and beer fridge is clean most times in order to reduce the amount of money spent on operating the unit and so also to extend the lifespan of the fridge machine.

When you start the cleaning process, ensure that the power supply of your beverage and beer fridge us disengaged and if on the other hand your condenser is the remote type make sure that the service switch is switched off. The ice tray should be removed and have it thoroughly washed with warm water and soap. It is important that it is properly and carefully flushed. Ensure that you give it time to dry totally. When cleaning your beer and beverage fridge, it is advised that you do not forget that it has a pointed fin so it does not get roughly handled.

The base of the remote condenser and the outside area of your beer and beverage fridge should be cleaned thoroughly. You can either make use of a vacuum with a brush attachment or a tender brush.

Here are some Ice Cubicle website tips to clean your beer/beverage fridge:

1. Take basic pre-cleaning steps
In order to make you’re cleaning most efficient make sure to take some basic steps in order to get the best results. The first step is to make sure you switch off/unplug the fridge. This will help to make sure it’s all ready to be cleaned. You should also make sure to take out all the beverages before you start cleaning. It will make the cleaning process easier since you have direct access to the fridge’s interior. Cleaning will be much easier since you won’t have to clean around cans/bottles.

2. Clean the shelves effectively
You could use a detergent solution to clean the shelves after removing them from the fridge. Afterwards make sure to rinse them thoroughly and use a clean towel to dry them.

Make sure to inspect the shelves to make sure there’s no chipping/cracking. This damage can result from the different temperatures in the fridge. One step you can take is to let the shelves sit at room temperature prior to washing them so they warm up first. Then use luck-warm water in order to clean them.

3. Vacuum the condenser
Make sure to do this from time to time. The fan will work better if you remove dirt/dust from it. A fan that’s dirty will be over-worked and will heat up. This causes the motor’s parts to be damaged.

4. Store the drinks efficiently
As you might learn from anIce Cubicle website one way to keep your fridge proactively clean is by making sure you store the beverages in your fridge efficiently. This will help to use the fridge’s space in the most efficient way. It will also help to prevent accidents that would require you to do a cleanup job. That’s something you’ll likely want to avoid in order to make your fridge more efficiently.

5. Clean spills immediately
They’re more common when you’re using a beverage ridge. Make sure to clean up spills as soon as they happen. This will help to prevent things like bacteria, stains, and odors. It’s easier for them to build up on plastics so it’s especially critical to make sure they don’t set on plastics.

6. Use detergent for the gasket/exterior
A basic detergent solution can be used to clean these parts of the fridge. Make sure to clean the cracks/crevices well since various stuff can build up there like food, bacteria, and minerals. Then rinse the gaskets and dry them well.

Use the same solution to clean the fridge’s exterior. Rinse it well then let it dry. A glass cleaner is a good idea to get rid of streaks/spots on the exterior of the fridge.

7. Wash with a solution
A good solution includes backing soda/warm water. Use it to clean the interior of the fridge. Then rinse the fridge’s interior well and use a clean towel to dry everything. This is a basic process but can be effective in making sure the fridge is as clean as possible. It might be surprising since you might normally expect harsh solutions to be necessary to clean the fridge. However, baking soda is good enough and can produce excellent results.