They might not really make a huge impact to your PS4 storage space, but some saved documents can be bigger than you ever imagine, so it is wise to delete a few to create enough space – and fortunately, Sony allows you to back up these files via USB storage or cloud.

Some games do not have the right optimization, so their save files occupy a bit more space than the ideal storage. To enable you to figure out the worst offenders, follow this pattern; Settings, then click on Application Saved Data Management, then Saved Data in System Storage, and then click on Delete.

You will see the amount of space taken up by each app or game, so check for any games that don’t really interest you at the moment and are occupying plenty of space. Select the delete option and you can choose specific save files for each of the game. Before you clear off these games, it is advisable to create a backup just in case you want to play the game again.

In such case, follow this step, click on Settings, then Application Saved Data Management, click on Saved Data in System Storage and then Copy to USB Storage Device. This will enable you to back up all your saved documents to an external hard drive or a USB stick in case you are interested in playing the game again.

If you have a passionate interest in PlayStation Plus, I have got good news for you. Sony has a feature that allows you to back up your saved documents in the cloud, so you have the option of deleting and re-using them at will. I strongly recommend that you double-check the backups and ensure that they are working properly before you delete the files. – go to Settings and then Application Saved Data Management, go on to Saved Data in System Storage, then Upload to Online Storage and ensure that the files have been uploaded before you start deleting them.

Connect an external hard drive
If you don’t intend to delete any of your games or files and have deleted some but you are still in need of space, then that implies that you need to expand your storage. There are two ways of performing this task: upgrading the internal USB hard drive or connecting an external one.

Ps4 owners had to wait for years before Sony incorporated game installs into the external USB hard drives, but the good news is that the system update 4.5 came with this functionality in March 2017. If you haven’t got a drive in your possession, we encourage you to get the WD My Passport hard drives, which come with a storage capacity that is up to 4TB, but I advise that you peruse our guides on the best portable and external hard drives.

First up, there are several factors to consider. The PS4 is compatible with USB 3.0 hard drives with a capacity that is up to 8TB, but you have to carefully format the gadget to support the console. That implies that you don’t intend to use a drive that is currently in use to store other files – It is important to have a whole drive (or at least part of it) specifically created for PS4 games. To install it, simply connect your hard drive to one of the USB ports attached to your console.