If you want to be successful in trading in foreign exchange, you have to consider the buy and sell signals. There are several features and factors that you need to consider if you intend to make profits in this market. As stated earlier, trading is more like going for profits with the right sell and buy signal. That is the reason you need to utilize a Forex Buy Sell indicator for your trading activity. But if you are new to the business, you need to know the specific type of indicator to use and how to apply it.

Technical Tools and Indicators:

Let us get straight to the point, these tools are considered as software programs which reveal a specific section of market data, provide outputs and interpret the data. It all depends solely on programming.

These tools are pre-set to provide a specific kind of market data. For instance, MACD as a technical tool provides price action data and gives data interpretation as per its programming. Calculating and looking for the average of the data as per separate average lines, this tool offers a clear picture of price trends.

The reason we consider MACD as a proper Forex Buy Sell signals indicator is that it uses price action to infer and deduce the trends or patterns and from thereon, forecasts as per selling and buying signals. Trading in this market is more like providing the proper market forecasts.

To continue, examining a technical tool like OBV, it has different features to the MACD in terms of its usage and outputs. The visible difference all comes down to the software program. Firstly, this tool evaluates the transaction volumes of price action although it evaluates the forecast data on the latter. OBV evaluates the transaction volumes in two different strata, sells and buys. Forecasts are available in both forms of the transaction as well as their volume in respect to the price action relevant to those time-frames.

Choosing the Right Indicator:

Thing is, selecting the tool to use should be about what you want to learn that the operation it does. To explain this point with regards to the previous 2 tools, if you want to get the future prediction of a price action, I suggest that you opt for MACD instead of OBV. Why?

Well, simply because OBV offers a future prediction as per price action. To elaborate further, if you observe a falling OBV line in the face of a rising price action trend line, this is not a genuinely profitable Forex indicators buy sell signals. The fact is that price action is directly relative to transaction volumes. But in case of a positive indication, this shows that the price action will not go bullish by more than a few pips.


So, we conclude that your profits from a Forex sell buy signals indicator depend on your interest and basis of choice. You need to study the market to achieve your goal. Hope this article helps you in that regard.