It is possible to remove search history either through browser options or by using a privacy cleaner software. Whatever method is used, it is essential that privacy records are totally removed. However, for deleted browser history, it is recommended that a cleaner tool such as the one found at is used.

Even though virtually all the web browsers have an option that allows users to delete search history, these options are not easy to adopt and a lot of times, not all records, for instance, the history of temporary files and downloaded, are wiped out. In cases such as these, a privacy protection software is easier to use because it works faster than the inbuilt browser options.

It is an intrinsic right to want to keep our private matters undisclosed. In order to exercise this right, we shouldn’t have to compromise and depend on web browsers only. The fact is that browsers can start playing up at any time as a result of internal computer errors like registry errors. These types of errors can make a browser crash right at the start. In situations such as these, if your search history has not been deleted, you could be in for some trouble.

A system cleaner tool with the option to fix browser errors and delete the internet history is an essential tool for your computer.