If perchance you are enjoying an outdoor activity with friends and family, you should consider settling for the best waterproof tent for rain as no one is certain on what to expect from weather conditions. Even a camping or hiking trip during summer does not mean during your trip you can guarantee dry weather.

Purchasing one of the best canopy tents offers you the security of knowing that there is somewhere warm, dry and comfortable to sleep outdoors when you are safe from different weather conditions. The waterproof tent also gets to protect any equipment, food, and clothing you may have with you from the rain.

How Often Should You Waterproof Your Tent?

Over time even the best waterproof tent in the market can turn out to be less waterproof, and this is as a result of using the tent multiple times in all kinds of weather condition or accidental damage. There is no doubt that a tear can occur as a result of packing your tent together with a sharp object or by snagging on the terrain surrounding when the tent is erected.

You can make use of duct tape as a form of a temporary fix in order to make the canopy tent waterproof again. Nonetheless, it is advised that you use tent patches when repairing the damage. Majority of the tents in the market come with these or you can acquire a separate repair kit.

Making use of your canopy tent multiple times in different weather conditions is capable of affecting your tents waterproofness. Very heavy rain and hot weather are the two worst culprits that can cause damage to even the best waterproof canopy tents in the market. Somebody the signs to look out for when your canopy is being less waterproof are that you begin to find leaks or your observe that your tent holds rain instead of letting it run off in beads. If you get to notice any of these signs, then you need to reproof your tent.

Water Repellent vs. Water Resistant vs. Waterproof

When buying the waterproof canopy tent or other waterproof equipment, you tend to see the use of different terms used on the packaging or the product descriptions and this tend to get lots of people confused. For instance, some products are tagged waterproof and on the hand you find some products tagged water resilient or water repellent.

Conferring to HZO, being a leading that focuses on water technology, there are clear definitions for each. A product that is marked water repellent has been treated with a special surface coating, meaning it can be easily penetrated by water. On the other hand, a water-resistant product resists water penetration to a certain degree but not completely.

Final Verdict

There are some excellent options made available for waterproof gents to suit both large and small groups and each has its own cons and pros. For small groups or couples, the Hyke & Byke Zion Backpacking tent with footprint is highly recommended. It provides enhanced protection for the elements, and it is one of the lightweight options you have readily available in the market. This is a versatile option. The lifetime warranty on this product defines the level of the quality offered by the manufacturers.