About clicparticulier.com

So, what is clicparticulier.com?

What is our guiding principle?

What motivates us to put up this website?

What has given us the passion and intensity of keeping this website on for so many years? It really all boils down to the whole concept of an online space.

We’ve looked at many other websites, blogging platforms, and website builders, but they pretty much fall apart because of all the rules, regulations and restrictions they put on people. However, people don’t need to learn how to code just so they can put stuff up. They don’t have to screw around with all sorts of online editors and what-you-see-is-what-you-get interfaces, just so they can get their message across. We were looking for something that was so easy to use that somebody doesn’t have to really access the internet, or interact with the internet in any meaningful way for any substantial time and still be able to get their message across.

Through a lot of fumbling and a lot of false starts, we finally got this website together. Put simply, it is your space online. It’s your space, so you can do whatever you want on it, as long as it doesn’t involve spyware viruses, harmful materials, illegal materials, or hate materials. You can pretty much do whatever you want. It is your space online.

This is an oasis of local expression.
What sets it apart is our local orientation. We’re not Blogger or WordPress.com. Those web sites are international in scope. Our ambitions are more modest. We’re all about the local information presented in short timelines.

In other words, this is the place to be if you have a garage sale you’d like to publicize. If you have a local bake sale, for example, for your church that you would like people to go to, this is the place to be.

Accordingly, we need your help. We’re not soliciting donations. We don’t ask you to send money to us, although we won’t stop you if you click the PayPal button and send us a few bucks. Instead, we’re more interested in your help in producing local content.

The more information you can share,
the more we can help others...
You know what’s going on in the ground in your area. You know the community interaction there, who’s putting up what, and who’s going where. You know all about all sorts of local events and activities. We need your help because you are our person on the ground. You’re the person with your ear to the ground, and you know exactly what’s going on. So, please be active and post descriptions of local events and local resources.

These don’t have to be very long. You don’t necessarily have to write a novel, but the more information you can share, the more we can help others, not only in your local area, but also people who are passing through, or people who are traveling from other places in the world to visit your area. The more information, we have the more value we can add to the lives of people who visit this website. It doesn’t really get any better than that.

Clasifieds Forums

Classifieds Forums

so that the more people participate


User Interface Design

This website also made a name for itself for providing highly interactive classifieds. They are a mix of both forums and classified ads. This way, we have created responsive classified ads, so that when people post a resource, like stuff for sale, for example, people can participate. They can ask questions, so the information is fleshed out. They can contribute details. Whatever the case may be, we have set up a classified system, so that the more people participate, the richer the classified ad becomes.

Keep in mind that we have strict rules as to trolling or calling the ads into doubt. We understand that there are all sorts of commercial competition out there. Obviously, when somebody posts a service or a product at dirt cheap prices, competitors would feel threatened. Competitors can’t really be blamed for thinking that they’re being undercut; however, they can be blamed if they try to sabotage the ad by posting lies, inaccurate information or engaging in any form of libel.

Help us out to police responsive classified ads. If you notice any kind of trolling, offensive remarks, or flat-out insults being traded, let us know, so we can get to the bottom of it, and block the necessary accounts.

Moreover, feel free to share reference sites. The great thing about this website is that we go out of our way to stock it with all sorts of reference information that would really enrich people’s knowledge of the part of the world they live in. Whether you live in a small town, in a large cosmopolitan area, or of all points in between their dish, we have enough reference sites here, so you can really know your city, town, or area in a more intimate way.

Community Q&A

User Interface Design

The great thing about our classified ads, whether they be product ads, herbicides, or many cases, personal ads, is that there is a tremendous amount of community question-and-answer. This interactivity not only helps ensure that the information posted here remains fresh, but it also challenges people to post ads that are responsive and engaging.

There are lots of people who post job ads, but their ads are so flat, so lifeless and dull that they fail to achieve the results that the posters wanted. The tragedy to all of this is, in many cases, these people paid good money for those ads. You don’t have to pay us money, but by presenting that ad in an interactive form, it is our hope that the community itself gives you the clues that you need to whip your ad into shape, so that it produces the results that you want it to produce.


Our goal of interactivity and engaging community

Question and Answer

To share fresh information and challenges