If your jewelry is from a big box variety store, there’s a high possibility that you’re not after designer jewelry or dental jewelry for that matter. Removable grills, fronts, grillz, slugs, or gold caps, however, you might want to refer to them, are not readily available at your local supermarket. If you’re after a lovely set of fronts, your best bet will be to buy them online or at one of those designer shops found only in first-class cities.

If the designer front you buy is made from precious metal and adorned with precious stones, you’re also getting a piece of jewelry with an inherent value. The silver and gold, along with the stones, can be sold off later if you so desire and you can get back all or part of your investment. If there is a marked rise in the price of the stones and metal over time, you could make a tidy profit from selling your jewelry.

When it comes to diamonds, it’s important to bear in mind that a diamond that is cut too low allow light to be lost from the bottom of the stone leading to a reduction in the brilliance of the piece. However, when the cut is too deep, light escapes from the sides and the diamond appears darker than it should be.

Here’s what to look for when picking grillz:

1. Price
You can find cool fake teeth that look 100x more expensive than they actually are. How cheap can grillz be? In fact, you can find many sets that have a price tag as low as $20. Make sure to shop around to find the unit that’s the right one at the right price. The first step is to find the right fake teeth. Then it’s a matter of finding the best price possible. Just remember the old saying that you can always find a better price.

2. Design
There’s many designs of grillz including silver, gold, stones, and others. It’s important to find a quality design you like so you can pick the best set that meets your preferences. There’s some really interesting designs available like fangs and rapper-inspired ones from Nelly, T-Pain, and others. The key is to think about the type of design you want then shop around until you find it.

3. Shipping
This might seem like a mere detail but it’s worth noting. Here’s why. Even if you find fake teeth at a super-low price the shipping costs can tack on a big sum. So the solution is to find good deals that can provide discounted or even free shipping. One of the best examples is Amazon Prime. It’s the world’s largest ecommerce site and one reason is due to its services like free shipping.

4. Policies
This is especially important when you buy grillz online. Make sure you know the policy about things like exchanges, refunds, etc. This is I important so you’ll know whether or not you can return the unit for reason X, Y, or Z, for example. Make sure the company posts its policies or terms & conditions online so you’ll know the legal requirements of the customers and company.

5. Sales/Discounts
If you want to save money on fake teeth one of the best ways is to look for sales/discounts. Sometimes you can find big sales of 50% or more. Just like finding low-price grillz the key is to shop around in order to find the best price. If you do that you can find a rock-bottom price on some great grillz. There’s tons of sites that offer these products but there’s a wide range of prices. As a result it’s critical to shop around to find a lower price.

6. Reviews
Make sure to read some reviews so you can learn about the shopping experiences of past customers. This will give you a snapshot of the company’s reputation and products/service. If there’s been several complaints it’s a red flag you should shop around.

7. Size
The main options are grillz with fitted sizes or one-size-fits-all. If you want the best-fitting units then you should consider the fitted sizes. However, for convenience the one-size option is better since you won’t have to worry about fitting the grillz before you make your purchase. Sometimes this option isn’t available and especially when you shop online.