If your jewelry is from a big box variety store, there’s a high possibility that you’re not after designer jewelry or dental jewelry for that matter. Removable grills, fronts, grillz, slugs, or gold caps, however, you might want to refer to them, are not readily available at your local supermarket. If you’re after a lovely set of fronts, your best bet will be to buy them online or at one of those designer shops found only in first-class cities.

If the designer front you buy is made from precious metal and adorned with precious stones, you’re also getting a piece of jewelry with an inherent value. The silver and gold, along with the stones, can be sold off later if you so desire and you can get back all or part of your investment. If there is a marked rise in the price of the stones and metal over time, you could make a tidy profit from selling your jewelry.

When it comes to diamonds, it’s important to bear in mind that a diamond that is cut too low allow light to be lost from the bottom of the stone leading to a reduction in the brilliance of the piece. However, when the cut is too deep, light escapes from the sides and the diamond appears darker than it should be.